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Monday, December 15, 2014

Oven: V2

The Baking Continues

My latest weekend project has been building a clay oven at my new house. It's been an ongoing process for the last month, with help from many friends. I've compiled the photos and condensed them into a singe post here.

Similar to the one I made out at my garden back in Fatick, but this one sports a number of impressive upgrades.

 Foundation of Large Rocks plus an insulating layer of wine bottles to block heat from dissipating downwards from oven.

 Specialized Oven Bricks to hold heat and roast pizza crusts to a golden  hue. Purchased direct from the manufacturer.

 Sand mold covered in paper to form interior space of oven (sand is later excavated and paper burns off)

 Initial Thermal Layer (~4inch) of clay and sand mix to hold heat and radiate it back

 Insulating Layer--another 4 inches of clay and sand plus loads of straw to keep heat from escaping outwards

Door cut out, sand removed. Note specially designed Work Shelf on the right for maximized efficiency

Final product with fresh cow manure+sand+clay+wood ash coating. And creepy clay face to ward away bad spirits that may try to meddle with my food while baking.